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Research, testing, deploying of server for personal use.

I've setup a YunoHost server for my personal use. It's on an extra computer I have running at home. I bought the domain name for it. I'm running the following services on it:

  • Nextcloud >> replaces Dropbox
    • Can also manage my Android contacts & calendars through CalDAV
    • Many other apps can give it more capabilities
  • Pihole – Ad blocking on my home network
  • Tiny Tiny RSS Reader – follow RSS Feeds
  • WriteFreely – lite blogging
  • Transmission – download Bittorrent files
  • MiniDLNA – play movies on Roku
  • Searx >> replaces Google for search

Offering services on your server to family & friends.

  • Email – Unfortunately can't offer email because my ISP blocks port 25
  • WriteFreely – Still not a 1.0 product. Cannot easily make accounts for people.
  • Currently can offer: Nextcloud, Searx, and Tiny Tiny RSS Reader
  • Future plans: would like to offer WriteFreely and email. Not sure what other services would be useful for my family. Maybe Friendica? PixelFed? Mastodon?

Teaching your family & friends to self-host.

  • I also name drop Yunohost to my techie friends when they ask

(currently transitioning from 1-2 but need to nail down backup system & how to 'sell' it to my family)

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4 interconnected stories of complicated lives that aren't all that different than our own. I started the book and it was first about a refugee who made it to Ireland so I wrongly thought it was a 'refugee' story. It wasn't, but it was very touching. I was getting near the end of the book and it wasn't apparent how they were connected but then it beautifully came together. I had to hold back some tears as I finished this book in a coffee shop.

... If you say something enough times, the repetition of it makes it true. Any notion you like, no matter how mad it seems, can be a fact's chrysalis. Once your say it loud enough and often enough it becomes debatable. Debates change minds. Debate is the larval stage of truth. Constant, unflagging, loud repetition completes your notion's metamorphosis into fact. The fact takes wing and flutters from place to place and mind to mind and makes a living, permanent thing of itself.

Rating: ★★★★★ Book #28 in my 2019 Reading Challenge

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I love these historical novels that Miller writes using Greek mythology. I previously read Circe before this one. Song of Achilles is about the Greek hero Achilles and his relationship with his friend Patroclus.


These are the places I like to buy new, and used books in Taipei.

Mollie Used Books 茉莉二手書店 Gongguan store 中正區羅斯福路四段40巷2號 Shida store 大安區和平東路一段222號

  • Smaller selection of English books, but higher quality titles
  • Books generally 'newer' and in better condition than books at WHOSE Books
  • 15% off sticker price for members
  • Very nice price stickers that peel-off without leaving residue!

WHOSE Books 胡思二手書 Gongguan store 中正區羅斯福路三段308-1號 Shilin store 士林區中正路235巷44號

  • Tend to find older books here.
  • Prices slightly cheaper than Mollie's
  • Terrible price stickers that are very, very difficult to take off!

Washington Black – Esi Edugyan

Rating: ★★★★★

Beautiful story of a man of science who rescues a slave and the story of their friendship over the years.


All links work again on my blog on my new domain. Thank you GitHub people!

If you change your WriteFreely domain and things aren't working, check out this issue that may help you:

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A futuristic future where the rich have air filter suits so they don't breathe in the noxious air, the you's (the verb to have in Chinese), while the mei's (the verb for without) choke and die on the air without suits and die in their early 40s. This YA series is set in Taipei so the setting really came alive for me as I live in Taiwan. I will definitely hold onto this book for my daughter to read when she grows up, if we last that long. This story is a good story about how climate change affects the rich and poor differently. It's a fun story with a good message!

Rating: ★★★★. Book #26 in my 2019 Reading Challenge

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Here's a summary of the 3 wildly diverse books I read in March with my thoughts. I read one Chinese translated science fiction book, a YA fiction, and a heavy history about a genocide in a country in Africa.