A Taipei Mutt by Eric Mader-Lin


Imagine you’re in a bar with your friend and you’re both drunk. Your friend starts telling you about this great book he’s thinking of writing.

Friend: Yeah, so it’ll be about an English teacher that gets turned into a dog.

You: Ok, sounds interesting.

Friend: Yeah, the woman who seduces him and turned him into a dog has hundreds of other men she’s done this, too. And the dogs speak different languages.

You: Hmm, that’s a bit weird.

Friend: It get’s better. The dog will wander Taipei and try to have sex with an underage girl to change back to a man.

You: This is sounding a bit inappropriate.

Friend: Finally, he’ll trick a widow into having sex with him and he’ll go to prison.

You: Whoa. What a crazy novel you have planned.

You’d probably write this friend off as another one of those guys who says they’re going to write a novel but never do. Here’s the twist though, he actually followed through and wrote this damn book. Incredible!

This was a weird book with a bit of rape, bestiality, and lots of animals talking. It was a neat little book to read because I live in Taiwan and am familiar with the setting. This will not interest most people. If I didn’t live in Taiwan, I doubt I’d give this book a second look. If you’re down to try something way out there, give this one a shot. It will probably be very hard to find because it is so ’local’. I found my copy in a used bookstore in Taipei.

Rating: ★★★

Book #68 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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