Asterix and the Actress by Albert Uderzo

Asterix and the Actress by Albert Uderzo

(Astérix #31)

I had fond memories of Asterix from my childhood. I used to go to the library with my parents and leave with a huge bag of books to devour at home. Sadly, this is not as good as the earlier Asterix books that I remember.

The plot is quite ridiculous, and it goes from here to there so quickly you can’t understand what’s happening (or just don’t care).

After poking around in the comments on Goodreads, it seems the books by the creator, Rene Goscinny, are much better than the ones made by Albert Uderzo. This means you should only read Asterix #1-24. So the next time I’m thinking of buying an Asterix book from the used bookstore, I will make sure it is by Goscinny, not Uderzo.

You have been warned!

Rating: ★★

Book #57 in my #ReadingChallenge2021

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