Better Phones!

I hate the current ecosystem of phones. Proprietary, locked down software on proprietary hardware that is not even supported with firmware or security updates for more than a year or two. The software is riddled with surveillance, and tracking from the big companies like Google or Apple.

You don’t have to just use Android or iOS. There are options for Better Phones with better operating systems, better hardware, and better software..

Better Software

  • LineageOS - Android based operating system that runs on many types of android phones.
  • GrapheneOS - Only runs on Google Pixel phones, more security focused than LineageOS.
  • CalyxOS - Android based operating system that runs Google Pixel phones and the Fairphone 4.
  • /e/OS - DeGoogled Android based operating system.
  • PostmarketOS - Mostly for Linux phones.
  • Mobian - Based on Debian. For Linux phones.
  • Ubuntu Touch - Mostly for Linux phones.

Better Hardware

Better App Stores

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