Boardgame Guide for Taiwan

This guide is for English speakers that are looking to buy board games, and accessories in Taiwan.


Swan Panasia Games ✔ Largest game selection ✔ Stable website ✔ Huge selection of accessories: card sleeves, boxes, and other things ✔ Always remember to ship tax receipt in the box ✔ Usually have a promotions: spend $1000/2000/3000 and up and get a free game, get points for every order too

GoKids ✔ Mostly focused on younger kids, with limited selection of ‘serious’ board games ✘ Terrible website - difficult to navigate ✘ Always ““forget”” to include tax receipt in the box, need to call/email to remind them ✘ Don’t bring many new games to Taiwan every year

Kanga Games ✔ English website ✔ Good selection of silly games for kids, and abstract games ✘ Very small selection of games compared to other big 2 companies

Taiwan Boardgame Design ✔ Locally designed games! ✘ Small selection


BoardGame Geek (BBG) ✔ Easy to compare games here: complexity, ratings, reviews from other users ✔ Can download PDF copies of game rule books ✘ Need account to download PDFs

The Dice Tower reviews

  • Video reviews of games
  • Multiple reviewers
  • Can also find the reviews on YouTube

Game Boy Geek reviews

  • Video reviews of games
  • Reviewer looks like Stuart from The Big Bang :D
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