Demons by Kang Hwagil

A spooky story set in a rural area. A teacher moves from the city to be closer to her mom and work in the local school. She is an outsider but feels like there are some strange things happening in the village. I am forgetting some of the details but this story really sets up a mood kinda like his movie, The Village. There is a tofu festival where there is an incident that happens that makes the teacher really confused about what’s going on in this village and if she’s losing her mind.

This novella is part of the Yeoyu: New Voices Korea set . I really enjoyed all the books in the set. Some of the chap books were spectactular while some were only ok but they all were very unique. They are also great short books you can easily read in one or two sittings in a coffee shop. Check out the publishers website, Strangers Press, for other book series like this.

Rating: ★★★

Book #58 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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