Divorce by Kim Soom

(Yeoyu - new voices Korea #4)

Translator: Emily Yae Won

A poet is caught in her divorce and the story of 3 generations of her family, and their divorces are told in flashbacks. Korean women have a tough life in the extremely patriarchal society. This book does a good job of easing the reader into a difficult topic, gender roles/dynamics in Korea, and laying bare the emotions the woman has to go through in a familiar struggle we have in every society, divorce.

I liked the way the story was a story within a story told through the flashbacks. The book opens with the main character sitting in the waiting room to get a divorce. She observes the other couples in the waiting room, and notices how they get called, and how they jump up or shuffle to the window, or even have arguments. She reflects on her own life and how it go to the point of divorce in her own relationship.

This one was a stronger book in my opinion compared to Milena, Milena, Ecstatic. In this book I cared for the main character and felt the heartache she had to go through. The story moved along smoothly even when it jumped between different storylines.

I am reading these chap books slowly, and savouring them. I really enjoy taking them to a coffee shop and enjoying a whole book along with a coffee. They are the perfect length to read in a single sitting. I am saving them for my personal coffee shop time.

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Rating: ★★★★

Book #19 in my #ReadingChallenge2021

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