DK Eyewitness: Shell by Alex Arthur

Now, I’m a person who’s never met a Discovery Kids (DK) book I really didn’t like this one. DK Eyewitness: Shell was utterly boring and lacking a clear focus.

The focus of the whole book was shells. This means it had sections on crustaceons, turtles, crabs, snails, clams, etc. It felt like every page was just showing me more and more different type of shells and shelled creatures. It has such a broad focus that it just overwhelmed you with tonnes of detail. Here are shells from the beach. Here are crabs with shells. Here are tortoises and their shells. It was data overload. They have to package it in a way that keeps things interesting and tells a story with the information.

For example, if it was a smaller topic, say ‘snails’, they might’ve had a better chance of making it interesting. They could’ve talked about different things like: lifecycle of snails, how humans used snails in cooking, the different types of snails, other uses of snails, etc.

Eventhough I didn’t like this DK book, I still learned something. I still consider it a worthy addition to my bookshelf, in that it lets young kids who don’t have a smartphone see full-color pictures of things. It’s like having a museum in a book!

Rating: ★★

Book #116 in my 2021 Reading Challenge

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