Early People (DK Eyewitness Books)

Early People (DK Eyewitness Books)

Yes this is a kids book but they are still lovely to read as an adult. I remember reading these books as a kid. They I would go to the library and read one after another. It was like visiting a museum. History would come alive on those pages and I would learn a lot about animals, knights, and other things.

This one is about early humans from even before homo sapiens. There is lots of detail for civilizations from the western world but not much for Asia. China is only given 2 pages. The theme of this book is very expansive so they included what they could. A book about Early Humans could easily fill thousands of pages!

I credit DK Eyewitness Books for awakening the love of history in me when I was a kid. When I read this on the couch, my daughter poked her head in and asked ““Daddy, what’s this?”” and I got to explain the way of the world to my daughter. Is this not the magic of a book? The internet cannot compete with the joy of flipping through these sorts of rich, graphical books and sharing them with children.

I’m going to read 3 more of these books I have sitting on my shelf: Butterfly & Moth, Explorer, and Leonardo.

Rating: ★★★

Book #41 in my My 2019 Reading Challenge

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