Europa by Han Kang

(Yeoyu - new voices Korea #3)

book cover

You know when you are going to read a story by Han Kang it will be weird, and it will haunt your dreams. She was the author behind the strange book The Vegetarian and the harrowing tall of Human Acts.

In this short story, she introduces us to two friends. They have an unusual relationship. The narrator is sort of obsessed with this girl In-ah but they still maintain a close relationship as just friends. There is some other odd stuff in their relationship but I’ll let you discover it when you read this. It’s a very short book and it ended much faster than I wanted it to. It was just starting to get interesting when it finished. I suppose that is the nature of novellas.

This book is part of the Yeoyu series of Korean translated chap books. They are just lovely. Beautiful covers. Short novellas you can devour in one sitting at a nice coffeshop. It also exposes you to a range of different authors you might not have been familiar with with. As it happens, I am familiar with this author, Han Kang, and would heartily suggest you check out her novels.

Rating: ★★★

Book #29 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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