Explorer (Eyewitness Books) by Rupert Matthews

Explorer (Eyewitness Books) by Rupert Matthews

These books are a blast from the past for me. Between every cover you find a mini museum. I remember these books sparking my love for history.

This book is about Explorers, so it’s about lots of white guys going around the world and ’exploring’. These people did terrible things to the natives in the places they explored, but this is sanitized in the kids book. It’s a good jumping off point though to learn more history of how the world was ’explored'.

I love the close up, labeled pictures of the instruments and equipment people used from the past. The hallmark of this Eyewitness series is these detailed, colour photos. This is the type of topic that excels in the Eyewitness history, because the information presented has little chance of being ‘out of date’. I recently read the Space Exploration book in the series but it was painfully out of date in the last few pages.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book #87 in my My 2019 Reading Challenge

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