Eyewitness: Battle vs. Arms & Armour

Eyewitness: Battle vs. Arms & Armour

Both of these books are filled with vivid pictures of guns, swords, and other implements of death. The artistry in which humans kill other humans, makes our species a unique one. We are constantly inventing ‘better’ ways to kill each other. These books have beautiful pictures of weapons from the caveman days all the way to World War 1.

While both of these books were a delight to flip through, and learn obscure details of historic weapons, Eyewitness: Battle was the better book overall. Battle had a better narrative throughout the book. It not only showed you the weapons, but it put them in context. It showed you why certain weapons were used at certain times; it just fit together better.

One minor quibble I had, the books were both primarily focused on land warfare. I was really hoping there would be some information on sailing ships, and the cannons they used.


  • Battle ★★★★★
  • Arms & Armour ★★★

Book #105 & 106 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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