Fascism by Mark Neocleous

Fascism by Mark Neocleous

Small, clear and succinct book from the Open University Press: Concepts in Social Sciences about Fascism. It addresses a few very ‘simple’ questions: (1) What is the relationship between fascism, modernity, and capitalism? (2) What is the basis of the fascist attack on Marxism and liberalism? (3) Why is fascism inherently destructive?

I really enjoy books like this. Fascism is a term you hear a lot, but the meaning has gotten muddled and confused over the decades.

This is the sort of book I read, not understanding all parts perfectly, but I am thinking about it for weeks after. Reading this book felt like taking a 1 semester course in Political Science. I hope to find and read more of the books in this series.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book #75 in my #ReadingChallenge2021

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