Finity's End by C.J. Cherryh

“Finity’s End by C.J. Cherryh The Company Wars #7

A wonderful ’end’ to a wonderful series. This one had all the hallmarks of a C.J. Cherryh story: a bad-ass protagonist in a situation they don’t want, taken along with large political things happening in the background, and learning more about the inner workings of living on a merchanter ship.

This is one of the strongest books in the whole Company Wars series. I really felt I connected with the main characters J.R., an officer on Finity’s End, Fletcher, a long-lost cousin brought back to Finity’s End, and Jeremy, the young ‘cousin’ that shows Fletcher the ropes on Finity’s End. The whole plot revolves around Finity’s End, the most famous merchanter ship in space, taking back one of their kin. This kin didn’t really want to be taken back, but as an orphan, he has little choice. Finity’s End incorporates him into their ship structure and teaches him about life on a ship. This is not very easy for a ‘stationer’. There are incidents that happen along the way, and Finity’s End seems to be on its own mission too.

Why do I say this is the ’end’? Because it isn’t really, there is also Cyteen to dig my teeth into. I’ve already started reading it, but it is much, much different than Company Wars. It is very much about the political scheming that’s happening in Union space. It’s interesting to see things from the ’enemy’s’ side though. I’ll let you know how I like that one once I’m finished.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book #106 in my #ReadingChallenge2021

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