Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov

Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov (Foundation #2)

Another solid entry in the Foundation series. This one is about the expansion of the Foundation and it meeting its greatest nemesis yet, a military commander that wasn’t forseen by Hari Seldon. It’s more of the same with Foundation, and that is perfectly fine because the formula is great, and the plot moves into new territory that is very cool.

PS This book feels like a more substantial version of what John Scalzi seems to be trying to do with his Collapsing Empire series, but his series can’t touch this masterpiece from the 50s. Scalzi focuses too much on lightweight banter that doesn’t move the world forward. It feels like he’s stretching out his story to sell more books. It’s fine, but it shouldn’t feel like that when reading it.

I’m already reading Foundation #3 now. It still sizzles!

Rating: ★★★★

Book #57 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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