From A Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan

4 interconnected stories of complicated lives that aren’t all that different than our own. I started the book and it was first about a refugee who made it to Ireland so I wrongly thought it was a ‘refugee’ story. It wasn’t, but it was very touching. I was getting near the end of the book and it wasn’t apparent how they were connected but then it beautifully came together. I had to hold back some tears as I finished this book in a coffee shop.

… If you say something enough times, the repetition of it makes it true. Any notion you like, no matter how mad it seems, can be a fact’s chrysalis. Once your say it loud enough and often enough it becomes debatable. Debates change minds. Debate is the larval stage of truth. Constant, unflagging, loud repetition completes your notion’s metamorphosis into fact. The fact takes wing and flutters from place to place and mind to mind and makes a living, permanent thing of itself.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book #28 in my 2019 Reading Challenge

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