Historium by Richard Wilkinson (Illustrator)

Jo Nelson",“Historium by Richard Wilkinson (Illustrator), Jo Nelson (Welcome to the Museum Series)

One of the many perks of being a parent is getting to read kids books without book snobs looking down on you. Also, I buy it for them, but also can enjoy it too. So the key to buying books for your kids is to buy books you enjoy. Yes they are ‘for’ your kids, but why can’t they be for both of you, right?

Now this is one of those ’large format’ big books. It’s published by the publisher BIG PICTURE PRESS. It’s gorgeous. The fonts used for the titles are beautiful. The layout is great. The illustrations of museum objects are beautiful. The size is another factor - when I pick it up I feel I’m transported into the museum full of special things.

I appreciated that it spent as much pages describing Polynesian, and Australian aboriginal civilizations as it did on the ones these books usually gush over - The Greeks, The Romans etc. It was very balanced. Every item chosen for each ’empire’ was chosen very carefully. They work together to tell a story. Of course, it’s impossible to tell the whole story of a civilization thorough only a handful of artifacts, but it gives the reader a good grasp of it. The reader can then start their own investigation of civilizations that interest them.

This book is in the same vein as Discover Kids Eyewitness Books. DK Eyewitness Books overwhelm you with information and it’s not concise at all. This book Historium shows you less things but it makes it clearer in my opinion. I have read many Eyewitness books but only one book in the series Welcome to the Museum series. I will be curious how the other books in the series stand up to this one, Historium.

So if you’re a history buff, and need to buy a book for you child (and yourself!) pick this up. Very fascinating book full of artifacts from old civilizations.

Rating: ★★★★★ Book #92 in my My 2019 Reading Challenge

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