How do you read so much?

“I tell people I read about 75 to 100 novels a year and people are amazed. They always ask me how I read so much, but I tell them it’s really not that hard.

  • Read Everyday, Make it a Habit I always read at least once a day, and sometimes two times. I make time for reading. I put my phone on vibrate. I close my laptop. I look forward to these times. I read during my lunch hour and before bed. Find a time that works for you. You need to read everyday to keep up momentum in the story you’re reading. You need to do it everyday to make it a habit that’s as automatic as brushing your teeth.
  • Buy Books You Want to Read Treat yourself to a nice book or ebook that you want to read. A story you want to get immersed in. A non-fiction topic you want to learn more about.

That’s it. I was going to add a third point to make it look nicer but there’s not much more to say.

Helpful Tips

  • Watch less TV: If you’re struggling to find time to read, then you have to make time. Think about where you spend your time every week: How many hours do you watch TV? How many hours do you spend on Facebook? Look at those numbers. Are you happy with how you’re spending your time?

Example: I spend about 7-10 hours a week reading, vs. only 4 hours watching TV. You can tell that reading is a higher priority for me than watching TV by where I spend my time.

  • If you don’t like the book you’re reading, stop reading it! This isn’t a school assignment. You should be reading for enjoyment. Don’t get caught up in how many books you read, but rather how much you are enjoying the book you are reading.
  • Get comfortable: Setup your reading light. Get a hot drink and a cookie. Turn off your phone. Find a comfy chair and relax.
  • Don’t Get Distracted!: It’s easy to get distracted in the first 5 minutes of a task. Power through that 5 minute mark and you can go much farther. Set a timer for 15 minutes if you really need to go check your phone. The key is to read with 100% concentration for the first 5 minutes to get into a state of flow. If you keep starting and stopping your book, it’s hard to get immersed in it and follow what’s happening.”,
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