Installing Tailscale on Fedora Silverblue

Installing programs that require a repository are a bit different when installing them on Fedora Silverblue. You don’t have dnf, so you need to add the repo file into Fedora. Then, you can use rpm-ostree to install tailscale.

You will need to modifty the standard Fedora installation instructions found on Tailscale. Open your terminal and follow the instructions below.

  1. Move to the repository directory.

    cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  2. Download the repository file using wget.

    sudo wget
  3. Install the tailscale application with rpm-ostree.

    rpm-ostree install tailscale
  4. Reboot Fedora Silverblue.

    systemctl reboot
  5. User systemctl to start the service so it will start everytime you boot your machine.

    sudo systemctl enable --now tailscaled
  6. Start tailscale and login with your web browser.

    sudo tailscale up
  7. You can now confirm you are connected to tailscale.

    tailscale ip -4
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