Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick

“Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick

Let me say, this was the most disappointing Philip K. Dick I’ve ever read. I don’t know what my expectations were coming into this, but certainly it wasn’t this.

I’ve finished the book, and can’t really pinpoint what the point of it all was.

The book is set in Mars where there is like a frontier-like atmosphere kinda like when America was ‘opening’ up the west. Mars has their own Indians, called Bleekman (har har! Like blackman, get it!). There are lonely housewives at home while men are out fixing things (groan). There is an evil union boss that controls a lot of Mars. There is some land speculation. There is a boy that can apparently feel/see the future. That was the most interesting part of this, very boring book, and we didn’t even get there until like 50% through the book.

This book is all over the place. It has not aged well (bleekman, desperate housewives). The core plot device of an autistic (?) kid that can see the future is pretty lame, and doesn’t really advance the plot very much.

All-in-all the most disappointing Philip K. Dick books I’ve read.

Rating: ★★

Book #127 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge #BookReview #Books #SciFi #ScienceFiction #PhilipKDick #Mars”,

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