Metro 2034 by Dmitry Glukhovsky

“Metro 2034 by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro #2)

It would be hard for any novel to live up to the chilling atmosphere, original premise, and breathtaking action of Metro 2033. This was a sequel to Metro 2033, but it was altogether a different type of novel where the only similarities are the setting and one character: Hunter.

Metro 2034 is a novel about Hunter and his quest to ‘save’ himself, and some others. Along the way he meets up with some different characters that sort of join him on this quest. All the characters are quite flat in this book. Hunter is a killing machine. There is Homer who is an old man who likes to reminisce in the past. There is a wholly forgettable girl who somehow falls in love with, or is obsessed with Hunter. There is also a musician that is a diversion in the story. Anyways, all these characters come together under Hunter to try to save some people in a certain station because they think something has gone wrong.

If you think about the actual action in the story, there isn’t a whole lot. There are lots and lots of pages of Homer, the girl, and the musician talking about the meaning of life, and what their lives could’ve been outside of the metro, etc, etc. It gets old very fast. There was some of this sort of philosophical musing in the original, but just enough to be interesting, not enough to bore you.

I was disappointed with this novel more than anything. I read through it because I was still interested in the Metro world, but the plot of this book leaves much to be desired. I don’t fault an author for pumping out novels to make money (a la Murderbot) but at least keep the quality consistent. I don’t have any appetite to read anymore Metro novels after reading this dud.

Rating: ★★ Book #77 in my #ReadingChallenge2021 #PostApocalyptic #future #Scifi #ScienceFiction #metro #subway #underground #monsters #DmitryGlukhovsky”,

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