Network Effect by Martha Wells

“Network Effect by Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries #5)

I’ve read all the books in the series so far. I usually don’t read books from a series, especially not more than one*, but Murderbot is like an old friend. He’s sassy. He’s violent, and he doesn’t really like human emotions. All-in-all, he’s my kinda guy! In this story, we find him re-united him with another character I like from the series, ART. This is the first book where Murderbot is fully ‘free’. The ending seems to set it up for Murderbot to go on another adventure. There are also a few loose ends that could conceivably make it into book 6, or into some short stories.

The book was a fun ride, but will I keep reading if there is a book 6? I’m not too sure. It isn’t bringing that much new stuff to the table. The best part of the series were the first few books where Murderbot was figuring out how to be free, and not just follow orders from his Clients.

Read this if you want some more fun action like the previous 4 books, but don’t expect Wells to have any new tricks up her sleeve, other than bringing back our old friend ART.

*Exception: The Culture Series, The Foundation, Earthsea, and Lord of the Rings. (There may be others that I’m forgetting.)

Rating: ★★★★ Book #74 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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