Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

“Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Coming into this book I already had a bit of a negative feeling about it. I dislike over-hyped books and movies; normies gushing over books usually gets me running the opposite direction.

Why did I read this book? My friend kindly lent it to me and it was sitting on my desk. It’s the summer so I haven’t been in the mood to really read any ‘heavy’ books, so I gave it a try.

Now everything you’ve heard about this book is correct, he name drops so many culture references that is tends to get annoying. Usually these things he talks about doesn’t really add to the story except to give the reader some nostalgia. I’m currently listening to the 80s Ready Player One movie soundtrack, so I guess it’s working?

The story is a trope we’ve seen before: misfit boy saves the world against evil corporation and gets the girl. It’s not a complicated plot and it moves along quickly. Are the characters cardboard cut-outs? Yes but it’s still a perfect summer read; the chapters are short, and it’s like eating junk food - it makes you feel good.

There are lots of nerd and gamer references that I, as a former gamer growing up in the 80s, appreciated. In my opinion, I’d label this a YA novel in the same vein as The Maze Runner. It’s fun to read. I’ll probably forget the plot in a few days but hey, what are you expecting? This is not an award winning book for its writing. This is a summer movie. You know what will happen just a few pages in but you still want to go along for the ride.

I was expecting to hate this book but I actually enjoyed it. I was expecting to ‘hate read’ it then, write a nasty review but lookey what I wrote. It wasn’t all that bad. I guess sometimes the normies can hype up books that are pretty good, but, for the record, I still hate Harry Potter.

Rating: ★★★★ Book #55 in my My 2019 Reading Challenge

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