Savaged by Systemd by Michael Warren Lucas

I have no idea what I just read? Was this linux nerd erotica? Was this all just a joke? All I can say that this was weird and if you don’t know what systemd is or why there is a kerfuffle about it in linux, this probably won’t interest you.

The novella begins with a sysadmin taking care of servers late at night. I think he’s a FreeBSD or OpenBSD admin. Anyways, he gets a knock on the door and who could it be but his arch nemesis systemd! One thing leads to another and they knock boots, multiple times. There is graphic detail of human on ‘computer code’ sex. It was funny and strange.

“Code doesn’t just get up and walk around.”

  "Of course it does," Systemd said. "Haven't you read *Captivated by Clippy?*"


  "That romance with the Microsoft Office Assistant?"

“I know what Clippy is! I spent five years hunting down ways to kill that damned paperclip!”

  Systemd's eyes rolled.

I won’t dissuade you from reading this but first read the drama surrounding systemd or the humour might be lost on you.

Rating: ★★★★

Book #57 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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