Space Boy: Volume 1 by Stephen McCranie

A too short look at a girl who travels from way out in space at a mining colony, back to Earth. She lost her friends, her worl world, and is very confused. The graphics are cute. The story is neat. There are 3 parts to this story, but it is honestly so short, they should’ve put all 3 books into one.

The setup to this story: a young girl lives on a mining colony with her father, he loses his job, and is sent back to Earth foth for retraining. The problem? To travel back to Earth is a 30 year journey in cryogenic sleep. When she arrives at Earth, all the people she’s known are all 30 years older, including her best friend who still lives in the mining colony.

Yes, this is another instance of me raiding my Grade 6 classroom library. Now I must wait for a student to bring back part the 2nd book in the series, so I can continue the story.

Is this book reading? It’s hard to say because the first book just starts setting up the story. I’ll have to reserve my judgement until I’ve read all three books. Actually, I am looking at Goodreads and it seems there are 13 volumes of this comic thus far. Wow.

Rating: ★★★

Book #75 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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