Taiwan: The Search for Identity 探索台灣自我認同 by Jerome F. Keating

“Another book for the tireless Taiwan-advocate, Mr. Keating. This book is a collection of essays that are supposedly about Taiwan’s ‘identity’ but seem more of a hodgepodge of topics to me. I was greatly underwhelmed with this book, although it did have some very funny illustrations.

Mr. Keating has written other great books that are worth a look though, such as: Island In The Stream: A Quick Case Study Of Taiwan’s Complex History (excellent starting point for Taiwanese history!) and The Mapping of Taiwan: Desired Economies, Coveted Geographies (for those who like historical maps).

Extreme Sinophiles, or those who will read any book about Taiwanese history and politics will read this, but for others there are much better books available for you.

My Rating: ★★ My 2019 Reading Challenge: Book #19

#BookReview #Taiwan #History #NonFiction”,

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