The 3 Stages of Self-Hosting

Research, testing, deploying of server for personal use.

I’ve setup a YunoHost server for my personal use. It’s on an extra computer I have running at home. I bought the domain name for it. I’m running the following services on it:

  • Nextcloud » replaces Dropbox
    • Can also manage my Android contacts & calendars through CalDAV
    • Many other apps can give it more capabilities
  • Pihole - Ad blocking on my home network
  • Tiny Tiny RSS Reader - follow RSS Feeds
  • WriteFreely - lite blogging
  • Transmission - download Bittorrent files
  • MiniDLNA - play movies on Roku
  • Searx » replaces Google for search

Offering services on your server to family & friends.

  • Email - Unfortunately can’t offer email because my ISP blocks port 25
  • WriteFreely - Still not a 1.0 product. Cannot easily make accounts for people.
  • Currently can offer: Nextcloud, Searx, and Tiny Tiny RSS Reader
  • Future plans: would like to offer WriteFreely and email. Not sure what other services would be useful for my family. Maybe Friendica? PixelFed? Mastodon?

Teaching your family & friends to self-host.

  • I also name drop Yunohost to my techie friends when they ask

(currently transitioning from 1-2 but need to nail down backup system & how to ‘sell’ it to my family)

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