The CCP Virus

“The CCP Virus

Right now, it’s all anybody in the world is talking about. For future me, I will lay down my thoughts on this Corona virus/COVID-19/Wuhan Flu/Chinese Virus.

My personal beliefs: (1) China shoulders a large portion of this pandemic going global as they were busier ‘protecting their image’ than saving lives and stopping the spread of the virus. (2) This virus will be a net positive for the future of our planet. (3) Capitalism is to blame for also hampering swift virus response.

(1) China is almost fully to blame for this virus getting out of control. Taiwan was doubting China had things under control right from the beginning. We were one of the first countries to stop flights coming in from China. It seems the rest of the world is just learning that China is evil??? Umm I guess they don’t know about Mao Zedong, the Great Leap, the Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square, Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and now this Wuhan Flu.

(2) Virus is Net Positive for the Future of our Planet It’s incredible how fast pollution has gone down in the past month when countries scrambled to find ways to limit the virus’ spread. Now imagine if everybody took climate change as seriously as this virus?

Coronavirus and climate change: A tale of two crises China’s air pollution in Wuhan has decreased by 25%. Wow.

Yes, this virus is bad for mostly old people but in my opinion, humans are living far too long anyways. This could be the Earth’s (or some might think God’s) way to give us a wake up call about climate change, and thin out our overpopulation. Also older people are the ones who are usually out of step with young people’s thinking: ambivalent about climate change, don’t believe in LGBT rights, etc.

I worry that once this virus is under control everybody will go back to their little lives and things will go back to ’normal’. I hope people can continue to seek change after the virus is under control, and redirect their focus into climate change.

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus? What would a fast, coordinated, collective response to climate change look like?

People now can see how fast government’s can make changes when they really have to. This means all the foot dragging on climate change in the past 20 years has been utter bullshit. Governments could change if they really wanted to. People need to rise up and destroy governments who are not making changes.

(3) If we really wanted to stop this virus in its tracks, we would just halt all flights in the whole world for a month or two, save for delivering food and other essential supplies. If companies didn’t worry about losing money, we could shut things down. If we had universal income, we could protect workers from having lost wages in the shut downs. If government’s weren’t so controlled by billionaires and their money, they would act for the good of the people - not corporations. Case in point: Japan still hasn’t cancelled the Olympics happening in a few months - why? Money!

We should rethink the way we work. Does every office worker need to create tonnes of pollution commuting back and forth from the office to work on their computer? A lot of people can telecommute. Maybe bosses will realize this now.

Food security Now with airlines cutting flights, countries should start taking food security seriously. Too much food is imported across the world and creating huge amounts of pollution. Humans need to eat smarter. We need to eat local. We need to eat things in season.

Distance Learning @ School & Tech Schools haven’t been innovating and now this virus is catching them flat footed. They need to learn how to teach better, faster, and from home suddenly. It’s time to rethink education and the traditional teacher talks, students remember and regurgitate.

Basically, this virus is a time for everyone, every industry and every country to rethink what we want our lives to be like in the next 1000 years. How can we make working better? How can we keep people healthier? How can we protect our Earth better? How can we make better cities? How can we make human’s lives happier?

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