The Colosseum by Keith Hopkins

Mary Beard",“The Colosseum by Keith Hopkins, Mary Beard

I am a big fan of Roman & Greek ancient history, so this is an automatic must-read for me. It’s interesting how she tells the story of such an iconic building from thousands of years ago right up to the present. It has been neglected, used for gladiator battles, and even for bull fights. Reading this book gave me the feeling I had when walking around Rome - the feeling that my humble feet are walking the same streets that emperors and gladiators walked on. There is history all around us.

The next Mary Beard book I have in my reading queue is The Parthenon which is another iconic historical building I have visited. Judging from the reviews, that book should be even better than this one.

Recently, I’ve been diving into history books to escape the nightmare the present has become. I shall soon run out of Mary Beard books to read!

Rating: ★★★★ Book #53 in my #ReadingChallenge2021 #Books #BookReview #MaryBeard #KeithHopkins #rome #history”,

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