The Dead Do Not Die by Sven Lindqvist

“The Dead Do Not Die by Sven Lindqvist

This book is a masterpiece. It’s such a unique book on colonialism written as a mix of literary analysis, and travelogue. It’s actually two books in one - ““Exterminate the Brutes””, and ““Terra Nullius””.

““Exterminate the Brutes”” is an analysis of European exploitation of the locals in the different countries in Africa, mostly the Congo. It uses Joseph Conrad’s ““Heart of Darkness”” to give the story context, and illuminate the racist attitudes in Britain and Europe at the time.

““Terra Nullius”” is a journey through Australia’s grim past with aboriginals. The author travels to important locations all over Australia. As he tells the stories of each important station, road, and desert he mixes in his experience of traveling between the places forgotten by history.

The whole book sounds make a dark subject, genocide, very readable. Instead of a stodgy history book just detailing the abuses of the the white man towards the ‘savages’, we get a thought provoking, funny, sarcastic, and informative book about times in our history that most of us would like, or have been trained, to forget.

Rating: ★★★★★ Book #79 in my My 2019 Reading Challenge

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