The Empress and the Cake by Linda Stift

“The Empress and the Cake by Linda Stift

  • Jamie Bulloch (Translator)

This was a strange novel. It centers around an odd woman who has a weird relationship to food. I guess I should just say it, she has an eating disorder. Then she encounters an elderly lady that becomes her ““friend””. She gets her into some trouble and seems to wrap her fingers around here.

There is graphic descriptions of binging and purging. If you are triggered by this sort of thing, stay far away.

It was such a weird novel that I kept reading it. I wanted to find out what is going on with the elderly lady and what craziness she will wrap around the main character. There was an odd parallel story as well. It was about the Austrian Empress, and I never was quite sure if the elderly character was the Empress, or was just very close to her in her life.

I wouldn’t say it was a ‘good’ novel, but it was pretty warped, and kept me interested for the 172 pages.

This book is published by Peirene press which seems to publish some very eclectic works. I shall keep an eye on them in the future.

Rating: ★★★ Book #96 in my #ReadingChallenge2021 #books #strange #LindaStift #PeirenePress #TranslatedFiction #eatingdisorder”,

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