The Man with the Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi

Wu Ming-Yi certainly never disappoints in the ‘weird’ department. I’m not sure I can even accurately describe the book I just read, but I’ll try. The book is set in the present, or near future, where a huge ’trash vortex’ is breaking up in the middle of the ocean. It washes up along the shores of Taiwan, and other places. We move through this event through the current lives, and memories of a few different people: a university professor, her foreign husband, an aboriginal forest manager, an aboriginal cafe owner, and a boy from a ‘dream’ island. I’ll stop right there because I can’t really describe it in more detail without re-telling the story.

This was a strange book, but it was interesting. I’m still mulling over certain parts of the book to understand what happened. After writing this, I will have to read a few other reviews to try and get my head around some parts, especially the parts with ’the man with the compound eyes’.

I liked many parts of this book, but as a whole it gel together and satisfy me. I will still say though, I liked all the different characters and their backstories.

Rating: ★★★ Book #101 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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