The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood

“The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood

A deep look at chaos a vengeful, deceitful, ‘special’ person can wreak upon your life. This book is about one such woman, Zenia, that brings down destruction into three women’s lives who sorta knew each other from their university days.

Tony has thought a lot about Zenia and has decided that Zenia likes challenges. She likes breaking and entering, she likes taking things that aren’t hers. Billy, like West, was just target practice. She probably has a row of men’s dicks nailed to her wall.

This novel is a slow burn, with long chapters (20-30 minutes long!) that jump from the present, to the characters reminiscing to their recent past and their encounters with Zenia. The novel ends beautifully when all three ladies confront Zenia in their own way.

…so she gets up and goes upstairs in her stocking feed and puts on her bathrobe and her trodden-down landlady slippers, then ambles down to the kitchen, where she finds a half-eaten Nanaimo bar in the refrigerator.

Atwood also drops in the ‘Canadian-isms’ when she can. She even threw a ‘chesterfield’ in there! Back to Nanaimo bars, I really, really miss those. They are truly one of the few things I can’t find in Taiwan. What you say…what’s a Nanaimo bar? Shame.

…nobody seems to know any more what a ““good man”” is. Not even men. Or maybe it’s because so many of the good men have been eaten, by man-eaters like Zenia.

This is classic Atwood. She is great at building up characters, layer-by-layer, and building up the tension slowly. She always has great women characters. If you only know Atwood from The Handmaid’s Tale, make sure you read some of her earlier work. I need to take my own advice and read Alias Grace sometime soon, even though I’ve already watched the excellent CBC miniseries adaptation which is now available on NETFLIX.

Rating: ★★★★★ Book #73 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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