Traffic Power Structure by

A manifesto for an anti-car advocacy group in the Sweden. This is a manifesto about why cars not healthy for our communites, or the climate. It makes many convincing arguments why public transportation should be free for all. fights for fare free public transportation, where workers and commuters are in charge. We also want to topple the traffic power structure, where cities are built for cars and mobility is forced upon us.

Read more about their history on their website.

Some people will not agree with this advocacy group but I do broadly agree with them. Being able to afford a car is for the rich. The poor, disabled, and elderly are stuck on inefficient, expensive, and inconvenient public transportation. Electric cars are not the saviour of our earth. There is simply not enough space in the world for everyone to drive a car, and park a car. We need to find other solutions. Some of these solutions will be technological, and others will be a shift in mindset about travelling.

It’s a good read and I recommend it. The arguments they make in the earlier chapters are stronger than the later chapters. Whether you agree with them or not, we have to all agree that we need to find a better balance between public transportation and cars.

Rating: ★★★★

Book #87 in my 2022 Reading Challenge

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