Your Republic Is Calling You by Young-Ha Kim

“Your Republic Is Calling You by Young-Ha Kim

A North Korean spy is living in South Korea for 20+ years, and is settled into his comfortable family life. A slow burn of a spy novel. This is not about his daring exploits as a spy, but what to do when you get the order to go back?

He doesn’t know who to trust. Should he go? Are they going to execute him or is he merely getting new orders? He explores all the options, and ties up loose ends before making his final decision.

This novel shows that the spy doesn’t exist in a bubble, it details the struggles of his wife, child, his spy ‘workmates’, and his friends who are unaware of his murky past.

Frankly, I’m not sure why this has such low reviews. I guess people were thinking ““spy novel”” and this didn’t fit their preconceived notion of what it was going to be like. I loved it. Don’t come into this book expecting John Le Carre. This is about a spy, a man, a father, and husband with divided loyalties - his country, his homeland, and his family.

PS the cover is great too!

Rating: ★★★★ Book #62 in my #ReadingChallenge2021 #Young-HaKim #spy #NorthKorea #SouthKorea #KoreanLit #TranslatedFiction”,

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