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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Sometimes you hear about a book, over and over again, and finally decide, OK I'll finally read it. This is one of those books that is often put on a pedestal as a an incredible book. It's also often used to describe other books – as this book seems to have 'invented' the term or be a stand out example of 'magical realism'.


The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree by Shokoofeh Azar

A magical journey of one family through the turbulent times in Iran right after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. I've read lots of history, and historical fiction from Iran, and they had such a rich culture of poetry, music, and writing. It has been through a lot with outside forces coming in and imposing their will on the people.

This book was incredible but you really have to let go and let it take you. There are mermaids, ghosts, and other magical occurrences that don't 'make sense' but they actually do. This was a beautiful book about life, death, politics, and history if you have the patience for magical realism in your stories.