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The Explosion Chronicles by Yan Lianke

The dastardly history of the deeds behind the Chinese village of Explosion and its meteoric rise to become a city metropolis like Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo. It's written in the form of a dynastic history that court scribes were usually ordered to write on behalf of a Chinese dynasty, though this one is not flattering to the leaders of Explosion.


Jokes for the Gunmen by Mazen Maarouf

Some macabre, and strange stories from these short stories from a war zone. I'm not sure this book was great, but it certainly was interesting. There is lot of dark humour in the stories.

This book was on the Man Booker International 2019 long list. I make it a habit to read as many of the books on the international list as possible. I like to get different perspectives on the world through translated fiction.

Rating: ★★★ Book #21 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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