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BACKSTORY: I used to use Facebook and Twitter a lot. Then I encountered a crazy, stalker troll and stopped using social media. I then found Mastodon and that was cool, but I realized I don't need social media in my daily life. I pop onto Mastodon once a month to browse a bit. This monthly update is sort of a journal entry for me, and a way to remember the good and bad of every month.


Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor by Virginia Eubanks

Excellent, heart-breaking examples how tech algorithms are used against the poor, coloured, and sick to deny them government benefits they are entitled to all under the guise of 'stopping fraud', or 'helping those most deserving'. It's ridiculous that people can think we can split homeless people into deserving and not deserving help. All human beings deserve a place to live, a decent job, and health care.

This book should wake up those in non-targeted groups because once governments finish beta testing these techs against the poor, they could, and probably will, turn them against the rest of the population too.

Rating: ★★★★★ Book #19 in my My 2020 Reading Challenge

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Troubleshooting: Epicyon

Tried setting up Epicyon, an ActivityPub server, that federates with Mastodon on my Yunohost server at home.

I followed directions from:

I can't sign in there to post my issue. I'm not sure if this is a configuration issue on my end or a bug.

Below I have pasted the error messages I got.


The Road to Digital Self-Sufficiency

Self-hosting the Digital Services of my Life

Mission Walking the long and difficult road of trying to self-host the digital services that I use in my day-to-day life.

Why? When you're using a free product, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

If you host the service on your own server you can be sure that your data isn't being harvested/sold to 3rd parties, and you are in control of your own data security & privacy. The person I trust the most with my sensitive data is myself.

Once I am successful in getting services self-hosted for myself, I will help family & friends to self-host too, or use services on my server.

So how am I doing? Am I self-hosting the services I use?


Close Call for my Server – Always Keep Backups!

I had a close call this week with my Yunohost server which hosts all my essential services including WriteFreely, and Nextcloud. I had a few days of downtime before 'resolving' the problem.

Being the summer break, I attempted to try self-hosting a few more services on my Yunohost server.


A guide for installation on a regular computer to supplement the official installation guide. I've installed #YunoHost a few times on different machines so just thought I'd make a checklist of things you should consider, or decide upon before you go down the road of #SelfHosting.

Before Installing...


  • Domain name: You need to choose a dynamic domain name for your server:, More info...
  • Hard Disk Setup: – Encrypted LVM? I would say no because you lose auto-reboot functionality on power failure. What partitions do you want to setup? Default is one big partition.

After Installing...

#SelfHosting #Yunohost #tech

You may have heard of the projects, Yunohost and Freedombox. They both aim to make it easier for regular humans to self-host services on their own computers or SBC (Single Board Computers) for themselves, their friends or family.

I was motivated to write this post because of all the reviews of Freedombox I've seen on the web lately. I haven't seen even one review of Yunohost out there, and I think that's tragic because it is a great self-hosting alternative as well.

Why self-host?

That's a big question and outside the scope of this comparison of Yunohost and Freedombox, but remember “There is no cloud, only someone else's computer.”

If you truly want to take control of your own data and minimize being tracked by large corporations (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft), then self-hosting might be something you might want to consider.

My Experience and Current Setup with Yunohost & Freedombox

I've been running Yunohost for about 6 months in my home. I am running it on regular desktop computer.

Services/Apps I use on my Yunohost: ad blocking (Pi-Hole), storing files and syncing them to my computers (Nextcloud), calendar & contacts (Nextcloud), blogging (WriteFreely), downloading Bittorrent files (Transmission), RSS reader (TinyTiny RSS Reader), and search engine (Searx). I've tried some other apps on Yunohost but these are the ones I use on a daily basis. I have gone through the installation more than once because of a lost password (doh!), and trying it out on other computers.


Research, testing, deploying of server for personal use.

I've setup a YunoHost server for my personal use. It's on an extra computer I have running at home. I bought the domain name for it. I'm running the following services on it:

  • Nextcloud >> replaces Dropbox
    • Can also manage my Android contacts & calendars through CalDAV
    • Many other apps can give it more capabilities
  • Pihole – Ad blocking on my home network
  • Tiny Tiny RSS Reader – follow RSS Feeds
  • WriteFreely – lite blogging
  • Transmission – download Bittorrent files
  • MiniDLNA – play movies on Roku
  • Searx >> replaces Google for search

Offering services on your server to family & friends.

  • Email – Unfortunately can't offer email because my ISP blocks port 25
  • WriteFreely – Still not a 1.0 product. Cannot easily make accounts for people.
  • Currently can offer: Nextcloud, Searx, and Tiny Tiny RSS Reader
  • Future plans: would like to offer WriteFreely and email. Not sure what other services would be useful for my family. Maybe Friendica? PixelFed? Mastodon?

Teaching your family & friends to self-host.

  • I also name drop Yunohost to my techie friends when they ask

(currently transitioning from 1-2 but need to nail down backup system & how to 'sell' it to my family)

#SelfHosting #YunoHost #tech

All links work again on my blog on my new domain. Thank you GitHub people!

If you change your WriteFreely domain and things aren't working, check out this issue that may help you:

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