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The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and American Strategy in Asia by Ian Easton

A well-researched, look at PLA strategies that may be used against Taiwan, and ways Taiwan has planned to repel the invaders. Of course, many of the exact plans are unknown, but by reading PLA strategy manuals, Easton gives us the popular thoughts and attitudes on a possible invasion against Taiwan. There is also a chapter on America's strategy in Asia.


Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin

This is my favourite military history podcast. Carlin has a great voice, easy conversational explanations of important battles and wars in the history of mankind. Some will say he's not an academic, but that's precisely why he's interesting to listen too. He's great at building up a narrative around these events and packaging it into an easy to listen to format.


Grass by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim,

A real story of a South Korean “comfort woman” (sexual slave) forced to work for the Japanese military during World War 2. This story is told through flashbacks and snippets of interviews with Lee Ok-Sun. This book is in black and white. This graphic novel doesn't dwell in the gore, and violence. The most brutal scenes in the book is the black page where Ok-sun explains how she was raped in speech bubbles. I really liked the authors use of brush strokes, and the metaphor of 'grass' too.