Tech Life Overview

The apps, technology and systems I use. I try to use things that protect my privacy and are security conscious. This usually means open-source software, or self-hosted solutions. I will update this as things change.

Instant Messengers:

Social Media:


WriteFreely (self-hosted): It's a very minimalist blogging tool. I found WordPress has way too many options, and buttons to fiddle with which distracts from actually blogging. This blog is hosted on this.


Ad Blocking



Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: I thought I could install LineageOS on this cheap Chinese phone but unfortunately I failed. Xiaomi makes it really difficult to install custom things on their phones and hardware. Avoid! In the future I will find another cheap phone that can have LineageOS on it, or will buy a good phone like a Librem5.

Home Server: Yunohost

All self-hosted things are running on my YunoHost server. I will make more detailed posts about this in the future. Self-hosting is not so difficult anymore. Installed apps: * Pi-hole – DNS ad/spyware blocking * Nextcloud – file storage/sharing, built-in CalDAV server * Transmission – bittorrent client * WriteFreely – blog * Searx – meta search client * Tiny Tiny RSS – RSS client

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